TRUE WEST: (general admission) AUGUST 2ND 7pm

Gem Center for the Arts, 2417 Bank Dr, Boise, ID

Tim Pakutka and Justin Tharpe star in this production of Sam Shepard's True West, about the struggle for power between two brothers—Lee (Tharpe), a drifter and petty thief, and Austin (Pakutka), a successful screenwriter—while they collaborate on a screenplay in their mother’s southern California home. Lee, who claims that he can write a “truer” western than Austin because he has actually lived the western life, convinces Austin’s producer that he is the right man for the project, and the role reversals begin: soon Austin is behaving like a thief, and Lee is the coddled Hollywood writer. This savage and blackly humorous version of the Cain and Abel story also satirizes the modern West’s exploitation of the romanticized cowboys-and-Indians West of American mythology.